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Drifting as a sport is rapidly gaining popularity. Competitions and championships are held all over the world. It requires a lot of practice to be able to drift well. Especially for people who have already had some experience of drifting, Modiho organises drift days at a beautiful location in Germany. At the site of ATP in Papenburg is a full-scale copy of the small circuit of Hockenheim. From the Ameisenkurve to the famous Sachskurve: all the bends are present, from radius to camber, exactly the same as the real Hockenheim. Especially for the more experienced drifter, it is the perfect place for an unforgettable day out. But there are also opportunities for the less experienced drifters. However, the drift days of are not really suitable for beginners. If you want to drift in Papenburg you will really have to master drifting and be able to fully control a car in a drift. You can learn this from our friends at Here you can learn the basic principles of drifting in the right way and with lots of space. And as soon as you drift capabilities are better, you can join us in Papenburg and with the help of our experienced instructors take it to another level.


The Modiho drift days originated from Dick Hoekendijk's love of drifting. We are always there with a group of real enthusiasts, where respect for each other's stuff is extremely important. The exchanging of tips and information is the rule rather than the exception. Some degree of discipline is required: if you throw gravel on the track with a spin, you have to sweep it away yourself. We have to be very strict about this because the gravel can cause a lot of damage to the cars. So, it's in everyone's interest to take a broom and sweep the track clean. We will come down hard if we see this rule isn't being observed.

To minimise tyre wear, the track is kept wet by ATP employees. There is also the possibility to refuel on site. Lunch can be enjoyed in the ATP restaurant.

There is a petrol station on the ATP site. Which we can use. employees have a fuel card. The fuel can only be paid for in cash. It is permitted to fill up with your own fuel, but the refilling may only be done on the liquid-tight floor of the petrol station.

What makes drifting in Papenburg so unique? What do you think of the open pit lane effect! No time schedule of 20 minutes driving and 40 minutes waiting, you can just drive the entire time from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm with an open pit lane.

Small groups. The circuit has proven itself to be able to handle at least 45 cars without any problems. However, we normally stop registrations at 32 participants. That gives everyone all the space they need on the track.

Our drifting events are becoming increasingly more international in character. We are increasingly receiving applications from England and for some time now we've been receiving highly valued participants from Belgium, Germany and Norway. Due to of our way of organising, ATP Papenburg has appointed as their only partner for drifting events which we are very proud of.

What does a drift day at look like?

The water truck normally stops at 3.00 pm. During hot days when the track dries up faster, it will run until 4.00 pm.

The price for a drift day is €435 per car with 1 driver, and €35 for each additional person. Lunch costs €25 and must be ordered in advance. Given the location, it is not possible to enter the ATP site unannounced. Remember this when registering. You can register via registration form.

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